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What is Service Virtualisation?

Service virtualisation is the ability to simulate service components in order to validate the behavior and performance of each of the components and how they interact as part of a composite application.

What is Service Virtualisation? Watch the video.

Is your organisation challenged with:

Service virtualisation helps to address all these issues and more. Create understandable, virtualised services, applications or entire systems without relying on teams of developers for coding. No need to wait until all the components are available and deployed to begin end to end testing. Balance quality and speed delivering high quality applications to take advantage of marketplace opportunities while decreasing risk and lowering your cost of quality.

Service virtualisation offers your organisation new capabilities.

Decrease cost of quality

Reduce project risk

Ideal for Agile

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Service virtualisation for dummies eBook

Service virtualisation for dummies

Discover service virtualisation and how it fits into the big picture of software quality

Service virtualisation & integration testing


Learn how service virtualisation and integration testing capabilities are the two key ingredients to optimising your testing process, decreasing the cost of testing and reducing project risk

Forrester research

Quantify the actual return on investment for service virtualisation