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Latest versions and releases of top-selling Rational products

IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation (US)

IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation is a requirements management tool that you can use to capture, trace, analyse, and manage changes to information. It builds on the Rational DOORS 9 rich client and the Rational Requirements Composer web client. You can use the rich client to quickly create and manage business requirements. In the web client, you can further define, elicit, capture, elaborate, discuss and review requirements and artifacts.

IBM Rational Test Automation Solution (US)

IBM Rational Test Automation Solution is designed to help address the challenges of testing highly integrated and complex systems and builds on the core capabilities released in V8.0 (June 2012). It delivers an additional set of enhancements around service virtualisation for WebSphere MQ, Mobile and EDI. It also includes multiplatform continuous integration (CIz) testing that includes CICS and IMS support, automation support and test data management integration. Rational Test Automation Solution includes:

- Rational Test Workbench

- Rational Performance Test Server

- Rational Test Virtualisation Server

Rational Team Concert v4.0 (US)

Rational Team Concert assists organizations of all sizes and complexity to automate; advise; and enforce process, information flow, and interactions throughout the systems and software development lifecycle.

Version 4.0 addresses key areas, including improved high availability and support for incremental upgrades, planning across multiple projects, and a new Kanban taskboard for lean development. For teams managing multiple software variants, it is now possible to visualize change set delivery across many streams.

Rational Requirements Composer v4.0 (US)

Rational Requirements Composer delivers the essential business support to define and capture business needs and manage all requirements across a project. It fosters better business and development collaboration in an online requirements community involving a wide set of stakeholders (customers, analysts, developers, testers, and operations or production).

Version 4.0 focuses on:

Rational Focal Point™ v6.5.2 (US)

Rational Focal Point™ V6.5.2 delivers powerful portfolio management capabilities that are tightly coupled with the process of systems and software delivery. Integrations with both Rational Team Concert™ and Rational Requirements Composer allow users to:

Templates, delivered with the product, allow users to quickly deploy solutions for product portfolio, IT portfolio, and application portfolio management.

Rational System Architect v11.4.2 (US)

Rational System Architect V11.4.2 introduces:

Rational Application Developer v8.5 (US)

Rational Application Developer provides capabilities to accelerate development of applications that leverage the latest programming models and styles such as Java™ EE 6, SOA, OSGi, Cloud, Web 2.0, Mobile Web, Portal, SCA and Modern batch. It includes tight integration with application server test environments to test, debug, fix, analyse, and maintain in an application environment that mimics your production systems.

Rational Application Developer V8.5 accelerates the development of high-quality applications for WebSphere Application Server V8.5 and the Liberty Profile, IBM® Workload Deployer V3.1 and WebSphere Portal.

Rational Developer for System z v8.5 (US)

Rational Developer for System z v8.5 speeds development and provides better compatibility with Interactive System Productivity Facility

This version focuses on:

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