Product, project and portfolio management

Focusing on the business of delivering value

Rational product, project and portfolio management solutions help companies to align software and product investments to business objectives and to improve predictability of project success through best practice guidance and measurement.

Featured product, project and portfolio management products

  • Rational Focal Point

    Rational Focal Point

    Product management software, focused on customer and business value, to help improve product decisions throughout the lifecycle from product conception to delivery

  • Rational Insight

    Rational Insight

    Measure, monitor and analyze project and process performance to make the best decisions for your business and provide greater control of your software and systems development and delivery

  • Rational Method Composer

    Rational Method Composer

    A flexible process management platform with tooling and the richest process library to help companies implement effective processes

  • Rational Team Concer

    Rational Team Concert

    A collaborative software delivery environment that empowers project teams to simplify, automate, and govern software delivery

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