Avoid Supply Disruption

Help mitigate supply disruptions with IBM Emptoris Strategic
Supply Management solutions for procurement

Failure by a supplier to supply goods or services on time, in the right quantity and with the required quality can have a major impact on your company. In the worst case, it will cause you to miss shipments, impacting your revenue and reputation. At a minimum, it will lead to additional expenses as you work to rectify the issue. And for suppliers who regularly miss deliveries, you will often hold a higher quantity of their product in inventory, tying up additional working capital.

Avoiding supply disruption means carefully selecting suppliers with good reputations, working with them to maintain their performance, and monitoring events, like natural disasters, to avoid or quickly mitigate any disruption. It also means protecting your organisation from financial loss and having the ability to switch quickly to alternate suppliers.

IBM® Emptoris® Strategic Supply Management solutions help companies ensure supply continuity and optimize supplier performance.

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