Mainframe business analytics and data warehousing

IBM analytics software for System z

IBM business analytics and data warehousing solutions on System z are designed to cost effectively exploit the unique capabilities of the System z platform for delivering fast, reliable, and scalable business information for optimised business performance.

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2013 IBM zEnterprise Technology Summits

Learn from real-world scenarios, live demos and in-depth presentations, with practical tips, best practices and guidance on key topics.

Integrate analytics into your DB2 for z/OS data .Download the webcast.

Integrate and optimise business intelligence and predictive analytics with your DB2 for z/OS data to deliver greater benefit to the business & and speed query response times.

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New analyst report:

Addressing new business analytics challenges

Clipper Group analyst Stephen Bartlett on the changing landscape of business analytics, and the IBM zEnterprise as a comprehensive business analytics solution.

Exploring the origns of the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator

Get an in-depth look at the accelerator and its genesis in this interview with the lead developers.

zEnterprise Analytics System 9700

IBM zEnterprise Analytics System 9700

Now 2000x faster - and more cost effective - with DB2 Analytics Accelerator

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