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IBM Software for zEnterprise. Optimised for the IBM® zEnterprise™ System to deliver unprecedented integration, speed, and performance.

New data management and processing software optimised for zEnterprise helps you transform data and insights into actionable business analytics, enabling you to:

IBM Smart Analytics Optimiser (US) This accelerator appliance combines hardware, software, storage and advanced technologies to deliver industry-leading analytic capability, speed and cost efficiency.

DB2 10 for z/OS Beta (US) This newest release continues the DB2 standard of excellence with key innovations that drive performance, productivity and cost savings improvements.

SPSS Predictive Analytics for System z (US) provides new modeler, collaboration and development, and statistics predictive modeling tools for Linux on System z. Avoid fraudulent activity, improve customer insight and retention and improve profitability.

IBM InfoSphere MDM Server provides flexible, centralised management of multiple data domains across a wide set of business requirements where trusted data is required - to deliver a single version of the truth across the enterprise.

WebSphere ILOG BRMS enables organisational policies and decisions to be defined, deployed, monitored and maintained separately from application code, and flexible decision automation for technical and business users.