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The IBM® DemandTec® Trade Optimisation framework consists of five core components designed to enable better plans and sales forecasts, provide fewer process inefficiencies, lower costs and improve retailer collaboration and execution. The Trade Optimisation solution addresses critical functionality while incorporating innovative shopper insights, and is a framework that can improve strategic trade investment decisions with more precise and accurate predictions of volume and profitability. Through core Trade Promotion Optimisation components that include predictive analytics, you'll get a wider perspective on strategic level planning, customer level planning, and shopper insights.

Solution Components

  • IBM DemandTec Customer Trade Planning

    Enables manufacturers to understand, plan and predict trade activity outcomes, including macro- and event-level pricing, feature, display and combinations of them at the account level.

  • IBM DemandTec Strategic Trade Planning

    Enables manufacturers to understand, plan and predict trade promotion outcomes — including pricing, features, display, and combinations of them.

  • IBM DemandTec Post Event

    Gives manufacturers insights into the performance of historical trade promotions by quantifying the profitability and ROI of trade promotions — and comparing planned versus actual results.

  • IBM DemandTec Advanced Deal Management

    Automates and streamlines the trade promotions process, with manufacturer-specified product views translated to the retailer's view, accessible deal archives, extensive reporting, and more.

  • IBM DemandTec Shopper Insights (for Manufacturers)

    Enables retailers and their trading partners to analyse shopper behavior, providing actionable insights through interactive collaborative dashboards and shopper analytics.

IBM DemandTec Trade Optimisation

Drive strategic trade and customer-level planning.

Support predictive and post event analytics.

Incorporate shopper insights into the mix.

Integrate with existing systems.

Enable retail collaboration.

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