Social Collaboration

Engage with customers, partners, and employees to drive greater productivity, effciency, and innovation

Connect. Engage. Become a social business.

With the IBM social collaboration platform, you can engage with customers, find experts and build trust.

Trust is the new competitive advantage

Successful people know — you do business with the people you trust. Social networking expands this exponentially:

Introducing the IBM social collaboration platform

Social businesses will be more agile, more responsive and more successful than all the rest.

With the IBM social collaboration platform, you can empower people with social networks, engage with experts and clients, and cultivate trust using people-centric experiences. IBM expertise helps you transition to a social business.

Communities help get products to market FASTER.

IBM social collaboration platform is

an integrated, extensible set of capabilities you can mix-and-match to your specific business needs.

Business applications with integrated social collaboration

White Paper: Measuring the value of social software

Learn how to measure the effectiveness of social software initiatives and improve their ROI.

Social collaboration on Twitter

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Collaboration Soapbox

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