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WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition


IBM WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition 6.2 empowers you to continuously optimise your business

IBM WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition is a key IBM BPM Suite element, with built-in support for adapting, responding dynamically to change. This offering provides the BPM enabled by SOA foundational capabilities for modeling, simulating, deploying, monitoring end-to-end dynamic business processes.


Product framework

Included components

WebSphere Monitor 6.2

Provides customisable, role-based views for faster and smarter decisions

WebSphere Modeler Advanced 6.2

Allows simulation to accurately predict how business process will flow and projected cost savings BEFORE implementation

WebSphere Business Services Fabric 6.2

Rapidly assembles and dynamically changes SOA-based business processes while reusing and sharing existing IT assets

Business Space powered by WebSphere2

Graphical user interface for users to interact with BPM application content from one single interface across WebSphere products

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