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Latest versions and releases of top-selling Information Management products

IBM DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration is multi-workload database software for the era of big data. BLU Acceleration requiressignificantly less storage and makes complex analytics faster, easier and more resource-friendly. It can deliver 10–20 times fasterperformance – and there’s no need for tuning on DB2 10.5 to achieve these results!

IBM InfoSphere Information Server v9.1 provides a highly scalable, security-rich and robust data integration platform designed to address your data integration needs. This release includes:

These product offerings deliver new capabilities to help you support agile integration, business-driven governance and sustainable data quality.

IBM InfoSphere Optim v9.1 reduces risk and costs, speeds up solution delivery, boosts performance and addresses compliance requirements for databases, warehouses and big data environments. Version 9.1 of the Optim Test Data Management, Application Retirement and Data Growth solutions offers the following enhancements:

IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS v3.1, together with its prerequisite hardware, is high-performance software that delivers fast analytic query responses. It blends System z and Netezza technologies to deliver mixed workload performance for your most complex analytic needs. Version 3.1 runs complex queries up to 2,000 times faster while retaining single-record lookup speed, and eliminates costly query tuning while offloading query processing.

IBM DB2 v10.1 for Linux, UNIX and Windows offers PL/SQL compatibility, integrated time-based analytics, and SPARQL support for new âno SQLâ applications, helping to speed up application development. Multi-temperature storage helps simplify administration and optimise the use of your data storage resources.

InfoSphere Master Data Management Reference Data Management Hub v10 is now available as part of InfoSphere Master Data Management v10. The Hub delivers a master data management approach to managing enterprise reference data and helps reduce business risk, improve enterprise data quality and enhance operational efficiency. Designed for business users, the intuitive UI and flexible data model help ensure a quick implementation and minimise ongoing IT involvement.

InfoSphere Data Architect is a powerful collaborative data design tool. With InfoSphere Data Architect, you can discover, model, visualize, relate, standardize, and integrate diverse and distributed data assets across your enterprise.

Version 8.1 supports:

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