Information & Analytics. Are you ready to reach new levels of business insight? Read the Analyst Report: Information and Analytics - Enabling Business Optimisation.

Discover a new kind of intelligence through information and analytics

Increase business optimisation through information and analytics

Now more than ever, we find ourselves with a wealth of opportunities stemming from the ever-increasing amounts of information at our disposal. Combining this information with business analytics creates new possibilities for business optimisation. This allows for better, faster decisions and actions, optimised processes and more predictable outcomes at every level of the organisation.

To capture these opportunities, LOB and IT leaders need to work together to:

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See how IBM helps businesses gather real-time data for efficient analysis.

Saving lives with information and analytics

Hospitals and clinics invest heavily in approaches to improve care. As the amount of information available grows and as more devices deliver information in real time, new techniques are required. Learn how using analytics to create new insights can optimise all types of decisions and help transform healthcare delivery.

University of Ontario analyses Information in real time to detect patterns and proactively prevent Illness