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Leverage IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight to streamline relationship-based investigations


Create a single view of criminals to help law enforcement officials connect the dots and prosecute crimes


InfoSphere MDM Reference Data Management Hub for banking and financial services


Providing healthcare organizations with tools to centrally manage code sets


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Enabling Smarter Government with Analytics to Streamline Social Services

InfoSphere MDM Solutions for Government

Watch the video

Learn how national and local governments can benefit from having a single view of their citizen data.

IBM InfoSphere MDM Solutions for Healthcare

Primary care records

From patient diagnosis to systemic improvements in care delivery, IBM MDM offers the secure and efficient interconnectivity that healthcare providers need.

InfoSphere MDM for Retail

Grow the business

Learn how MDM can help improve the efficiency of supply chains for faster time-to-market, streamline business processes by providing companies real-time access to trusted information, and transform how products are bundled and sold to strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty.