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Why IBM for master data management

IBM is a leader in master data management solutions – helping organizations gain a single view of data and meet growth, revenue-generation & cost-reduction goals.

Featured Products

InfoSphere Master Data Management (US)

Centrally manages and maintains master data for multiple domains including customer, account, product and others to gain a single record.

InfoSphere Entity Analytics Solutions (US)

Helps public sector organizations and commercial enterprises recognize and mitigate the incidence of fraud and threat

Master Data Management for Industries

  • Government

    Government (US)

    Create a single view of citizens to improve service, verify benefits and prevent and detect threats and fraud

  • Banking

    Banking (US)

    Increase wallet share, provide better customer service and reduce costs through operational efficiencies

  • Retail

    Retail (US)

    Understand the full customer relationship and introduce new products quicker

  • Insurance

    Insurance (US)

    Shift your view from policy-centric to customer-centric

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare (US)

    Connect disparate pieces of patient, provider and member information across multiple places, into a single, actionable view

  • Telecommunications

    Telecommunications (US)

    Connect disparate pieces of customer information across lines of business, service locations, billing systems and more

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Master Data Management for Big Data

Together big data and MDM can help extract insight from the increasing volume, velocity, variety, and decreasing veracity of data, in context, beyond what was previously possible.

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