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Featured Success Stories

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Premier Healthcare Alliance trusts IBM technology to deliver a comprehensive healthcare solution.

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Santiago Stock Exchange maintains database security to protect client data from unauthorised access.

IBM Big Data. Tramsforming e-mail marketing. effectlveness for Constant Contact.

Constant Contact improved analysis performance by over 40 times, reduced wait time from hours to seconds, and increased client campaign effectiveness by almost 25%

Additional case studies

Big Data

A U.S. Department of Energy National Lab turned to IBM Business Partner, TerraEchos, to implement an advanced, covert security and surveillance system.

Battelle is helping reduce energy costs and enhancing power grid reliability and performance.>

Data Warehousing

Epsilon improves customer service offerings by supporting large and growing data volumes.

Data Security & Privacy

Belgian-based Numius creates a secure platform to deliver business analytics as a service.

Implementing database activity monitoring for a major international telecommunications company.

Aviva UK Health strengthens PCI and data privacy compliance.

Information Integration

Data integration at Premier Healthcare Alliance delivers near real-time insight that helps providers improve patient healthcare.

At Bankia, real-time data integration mitigates risk and boosts productivity an estimated 400 percent.

Lifecycle Management

CSX improves application testing, protects privacy and controls data growth with significant savings.

Policy-driven archiving helps Virginia Community College System retain access to student data.

Master Data Management

DNB ASA centralises reference data management for more effective governance and reduced risk.

Temenos supports Know Your Customer (KYC) best practices to automatically identify and block suspected financial transactions.

MoneyGram International detects and prevents money transfer fraud before itimpacts customers.