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Why IBM for big data

Big data represents a new era in data exploration and utilization. IBM is uniquely positioned to help clients design, develop and execute a big data strategy that will enhance and complement existing systems and processes.

Featured Products

InfoSphere Streams (US)

Enables continuous analysis of massive volumes of streaming data with sub-millisecond response times.

InfoSphere BigInsights (US)

An enterprise-ready, Apache Hadoop-based solution for managing and analyzing massive volumes of structured and unstructured data.

InfoSphere Data Explorer (US)

Discovery and navigation software that provides real-time access and fusion of big data with rich and varied data from enterprise applications for greater insight and ROI.

IBM PureData powered by Netezza technology (US)

Simplifies and optimizes performance of data services for analytic applications, enabling very complex algorithms to run in minutes not days.

IBM Smart Analytics System (US)

Provides a comprehensive portfolio of data management, hardware, software, & services capabilities that modularly delivers a wide assortment of business changing analytics.

InfoSphere Master Data Management (US)

Creates trusted views of your master data for improving your applications and business processes.

InfoSphere Information Server (US)

Understand, cleanse, transform and deliver trusted information to your critical business initiatives, integrating big data into the rest of your IT systems.

Related Products

IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data (US)

Provides exceptional threat and risk detection, combining deep security expertise with analytical insights on a massive scale.

Big data solutions on System x (US)

Delivering insights with faster time to value.


InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition

Cost-effectively store, manage and gain insights from big data

The value of InfoSphere BigInsights

Discover and analyze business insights hidden in large volumes of data

InfoSphere Streams

Delivers real-time analytic processing for information you can trust

InfoSphere Data Explorer

InfoSphere Data Explorer

An enterprise-wide solution for secure, federated search, navigation and discovery and search

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