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Why Informix Tools for databases

IBM® Informix® software includes a comprehensive array of high-performance, stand-alone and integration tools that enable efficient application and Web development, information integration, and database administration. Informix Tools are uniquely designed to boost the power of IBM Informix and other databases.

What we offer

Informix C-ISAM (US)

A library of C-language functions that manages indexed sequential access method (ISAM) files

Informix Data Director for Web (US)

A powerful, visually-intuitive development environment that speeds creation of Web-ready, dynamic content management applications.

Informix Enterprise Gateway Manager (US)

An SQL-based gateway that allows Informix tools, applications and databases to interoperate transparently with non-Informix databases.

Informix Enterprise Gateway Manager with DRDA (US)

Provides a gateway between an Informix client application and IBM Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA)-compliant database servers.

Informix Extended Parallel Server (US)

A high-end database server which provides scalable data warehousing for the largest, most demanding, business-critical applications.

Informix I-Spy (US)

A smart data warehouse monitoring and optimization tool designed for IBM Informix software.

Informix MaxConnect (US)

A connection server that improves system scalability and performance by increasing the number of users that can connect simultaneously to an Informix database.

Informix OnLine (US)

An easy-to-use, embeddable, relational database server for low-to-medium workloads.

Informix Standard Engine (US)

An embeddable database server that integrates seamlessly with Informix application development tools and 3rd-party development tools compliant with the ODBC & JDBC standards.

IBM Red Brick Warehouse (US)

A lean, SQL-based, standard relational database for business intelligence applications, this data mart and data warehouse is easy to install, use and administer.


A comprehensive set of high-performance products to enhance application development and production environments.

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