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Information Agenda Get your arms around your business information.Anywhere.Any time.Learn more

Information Agenda Get your arms around your business information.Anywhere.Any time. Learn more

Unlock the business value of information

Most organisations are drowning in data, reports, spreadsheets, paper-based documents, e-mails and instant messages. If all this information is stored at all, it is stored in manual or paper-based file systems, locked up in operational systems, hidden on employees' disk drives or scattered across multiple repositories.

In the absence of a unified, trusted view of customer, product and account information, workers continually search for and re-create the same information. Eventually multiple views of critical business information emerge—along with inaccuracies and errors. Costs go up and effectiveness goes down, and it becomes increasingly difficult to respond to business pressures such as:

Information On Demand Matters

Imagine a call centre process where representatives have access to a complete, up-to-the-minute view of customers—not just their names and addresses, but their policy history, balances and transactions, an analysis of prior issues and recent marketing touches, together with recent e-mails requesting loan information and images of past statements from a policy system.

With this real-time information readily available, the care representative can provide superior service to increase customer satisfaction and identify potential up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to increase revenue per customer. That's Information On Demand.

Information On Demand can help you:

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