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Systems Optimisation Tool. Are you getting the most from your IT resources? Take five minutes to find out. Get started.

Today with a large portion of IT budgets allocated to operations and fewer resources available for innovation, many organisations are looking to consolidate the servers in their data centre onto fewer systems to create new efficiencies.

If you're considering consolidating your data centre here's something else to consider.

IBM can offer up to 6 times as much performance from a single system as Oracle1.

It sounds incredible until you consider the different approaches Oracle and IBM take to system design.

IBM offers a range of systems that are workload optimised, delivering leadership performance from sustained technology innovation.

That means IBM uses fewer resources to accomplish the same task, so you can have fewer resources in the data centre – helping you to save on energy, maintenance, floor space, licensing costs and more.

Looks like your decision just got six times easier1.

Are you getting the most from your IT resources? Take five minutes to find out with our Systems Optimisation Self-Assessment Tool.

1 A 256-core IBM Power 795 (4.00 GHz) SPECjbb2005 system (21,058,767 business operations per sec (bops), 82,261 bops/JVM, 32 chips/256 cores/1024 threads) vs. 64-core Oracle Sun Fire X4800 (3,369,694 business operations per sec (bops), 421,212 bops/JVM, 8 chips/64 cores). Source: Results current as of 6/20/11. These results are based on a US study .

Automatic efficiency.

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Virtualisation and cloud

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