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IBM Industry Models. See what's new in v8.4. Learn more (US).

IBM Industry Models

See what's new in v8.4


IBM Industry Models combine deep expertise and industry best practice in a usable form ("blueprint") by both business and IT communities to accelerate industry solutions. Part of the IBM InfoSphere portfolio, the industry models are based experience of more than 500 clients, and more than ten years of development.

What we offer

First, comprehensive data models containing data warehouse design models, business terminology model and analysis templates to accelerate the development of business intelligence applications. Second, best practice business process models with supportive service definitions for development of a service - oriented architecture (SOA). The result is acceleration of projects and also reduced risk.

IBM Banking Data Warehouse (US)

IBM Banking Process and Service Models (US)

IBM Insurance Information Warehouse (US)

IBM Insurance Process and Service Models (US)

IBM Health Plan Data Model (US)

IBM Retail Data Warehouse (US)

IBM Telecommunications Data Warehouse (US)

IBM Financial Markets Data Warehouse (US)

IBM Banking and Financial Markets Data Warehouse (US)

InfoSphere Warehouse Packs

InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Customer Insight (US)

InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Market and Campaign Insight (US)

InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Supply Chain Insight (US)



Insurance Application Architecture (IAA)

IBM Banking Data Warehouse

IBM Health Plan

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