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IBM® Information Management System (IMS™) is the premier transaction and hierarchical database management system. The latest capabilities enable SOA exploitation, secure your investment and enable new application development.

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IMS 12 (US)

Delivers the performance and throughput that help you grow your business, simplify operations, and lower costs.

IMS 11 (US)

Provides direct, distributed access to data, simplifies operations, and eliminates bottlenecks to growth.

IMS 10 (US)

Enhances information interchange, simplifies change management, and increases parallelism for growth.

IMS Enterprise Suite (US)

Integration solutions and tooling that support open integration technologies, enable new application development, and extend access to IMS transactions and data.

IMS Tools (US)

Enhance IMS performance and management.

IMS Solution Packs (US)

Provide outstanding return on investment and leverage best practices.


IMS SOA Integration Suite (US)

Provides tools and functions for integration and on-demand environments, including IMS Enterprise Suite components.

IMS Connect Function (US)

Enables easier access to IMS applications and data from the Internet.

IMS Control Center (US)

Provides a distributed graphical user interface for IMS operations.

IMS Web 2.0 solutions (US)

Enable you to unleash your IMS assets into XML, ATOM, or RSS feeds through IBM Mashup Center and IBM® WebSphere® sMash.

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