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Manage your IT infrastructure in real time. Save money, save time, and reduce costs.

IBM DB2 for z/OS helps you to reduce cost and complexity in your IT infrastructure, simplify compliance, and leverage your core asset — your data , so you can transform and adapt while limiting risk and cost to achieve agility and efficiency by standardising best practices. Gain unmatched availability, reliability, and security for business critical information. Even in the most favorable economic climate, businesses need to control costs and increase efficiency in order to improve their bottom line. In today’s more challenging business environment this has become a key factor for the survival and success of enterprises of all sizes.

What we offer
Database Software

  • DB2 for z/OS (US)

    Leverages improved data serving capabilities to drive down risk and reduce business costs.

  • DB2 for z/OS Value Unit Edition (US)

    The same robust DB2 for z/OS data server at a one-time charge price. Available for eligible net new applications workloads on the System z® platform.

Database Management and Optimisation

  • DB2 Tools for z/OS

    Support and exploit the most current versions of DB2, optimising the performance and management of DB2, including DB2 databases with XML data.

  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS (US)

    Combines System z Quality of Service and Netezza technology to accelerate complex queries in a highly secure and available environment.

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Speed, Access, Data Compression.
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IBM DB2 celebrates 30 Years of Superior Innovation

DB2 customers, partners and IBMers discuss important milestones, what makes DB2 so great and why DB2 is still around today!

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