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Downloadable features

Download demos, productivity tools, and updated versions of selected deliverables that are part of DB2 for z/OS releases. DB2 Optimisation Service Centre, for example, is an exciting new tool that can help you to make significant improvements to the performance of individual queries and SQL workloads and can provide valuable problem determination information. New downloads and updated versions will be made available on this site periodically, so check back regularly to see what's new.

Optimisation Service Centre. (US)
IBM Optimisation Service Centre for DB2 for z/OS simplifies the monitoring and tuning of SQL statements and workloads that run on DB2 9 for z/OS and DB2 for z/OS Version 8. Optimisation Service Centre provides a statistics advisor and powerful query-analysis tools such as access plan graphs, query annotation, and visual plan hints.


IBM Data Studio. (US)
IBM Data Studio is a no-charge offering designed to provide database developers and DBAs with the basic set of required tools for database development and administration for IBM Data Servers. IBM data studio is the strategic replacement for DB2 Visual Explain.


IBM Text Search for DB2 for z/OS. (US)
DB2 for z/OS uses IBM Text Search for DB2 for z/OS as an indexing and search engine for documents that are stored in a DB2 database.


DB2 Accessories Suite for z/OS. (US)
This free download provides an immediate return on investment, with no up-front costs. Explore the high-value features that are available today.


DB2 Visual Explain.
DB2 Visual Explain Visual Explain provides graphical depictions of the access plans that DB2 chooses for your SQL statements, and eliminates the need for you to manually interpret PLAN_TABLE output. Use Visual Explain for DB2 for z/OS & OS/390 Version 7. For newer versions of DB2 Visual Explain is replaced by IBM Data Studio and other Integrated Data Management products.


DBRM Colon Finder.
DBRM Colon finder is a JCL and an associated REXX program that allows you to discover whether any format 1 DBRMs contain host variables that are missing colons. Format 1 DBRMs were created by DB2 up to and including Version 2.2, and Format 1 DBRMs that are missing colons do not rebind in DB2 Version 6 or later. (As of 01/2000)