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Break free form high database costs with IBM.Latest release of DB2 makes migration decisions easy.

Storage Costs

DB2's deep compression technology helps reduce the amount of storage needed for your data. While data compression rates vary, depending on the characteristics of the actual data being compressed, some DB2 users have reported data compression rates of up to 83%.

Not only does DB2 help reduce your online database storage needs, it can also help reduce the amount of storage you need for backup and disaster recovery purposes. Also, because the amount of data involved in backup and recovery processes is smaller, backup and recovery operations typically take less time. All of these factors can potentially add up to significant IT cost savings.

Some users of DB2's deep compression technology are also seeing performance improvements thanks to the improved I/O performance and more efficient memory utilisation. Performance improvements like these can help you save even more by delaying hardware upgrades.

Compressing data not only reduces data storage needs, it can also help reduce storage-related energy costs, impacting the environmental footprint of an organisation.

What people are saying

"DB2 already offers compression rates of up to 83%, translating into a storage savings of up to 50 percent. With the release of DB2 9.7, IBM intends to develop technology that will compress indexes, log files, temporary tables, XML data and large objects. The new capabilities should translate into very significant storage savings for our customers."
-Ellen Hughes, President of Receptor Software, LLC

"IBM and SAP have a long history of working closely together to help our mutual clients reduce the costs of running complex business systems. IBM DB2 9.7 is optimised for our recently announced SAP Business Suite 7, which means our clients can take advantage of both the latest SAP capabilities and DB2 enhancements to further lower operational costs - such as storage and server expenses - using the latest DB2 9.7 data compression and performance management capabilities."
-Mike Ellis, VP, SAP

"We think the best capabilities of DB2 are the improved Index and XDA compression features, all of which will save storage space and save money. We are particularly looking forward to the Index Compression feature for SAP. Last year, Table Compression allowed us to compress the 10 biggest tables from 1.8 TB to 1.1 TB. We hope we will see the same impressive compression in the indexes."
-Joachim Muller, Infrastructure and Systems Management, Douglas Informatik & Service GmbH

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