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Break free form high database costs with IBM.Latest release of DB2 makes migration decisions easy.

Move to DB2 Easily!

It's easy to develop and deploy applications on DB2, including those written to use with other database software. Whether you're looking to reduce the costs of running applications or looking to expand the market share for your products teaming with IBM, it's never been easier and faster to run on DB2.

DB2 9.7 speeds migration with support for:

What people are saying

"We were impressed with the level of support received from IBM as its ISV partner - we did not have to talk to an automated helpline once! And it was great working with people who really know their subject area“
-Brett Annandale, CEO, AnnanTech

"The compatibility level that DB2 9.7 achieved is amazing."
-Masahiko Kudo, Developer for Platform Development Group, Works Applications

“As we expand, we consistently see a requirement to support DB2 within large government departments. We specifically chose to take part in the IBM DB2 early access program because of the program's goal to run 90 to 95 percent of Oracle PL/SQL functionality without modification. This allows us to reduce the time to port our stored produce persistence layer from Oracle to DB2 from 450 days down to 75 days. With what we regard as excellent support from the IBM DB2 team, we believe that IBM has achieved these goals.”
-David Moody, Senior Vice President of Product and Founding Director, Lagan

"These features drastically reduce the time required for migration efforts and significantly lower overall costs."
-Axel Puerner, Managing Consultant, Puerner Unternehmensberatung

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