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Break free form high database costs with IBM.Latest release of DB2 makes migration decisions easy.

IBM Announces DB2 Release 9.7!

DB2 can help you lower your IT costs

  • DB2 automates many tasks, freeing database administrators from some of the administration tasks that are required with other databases.
  • DB2 storage compression means that you need less storage hardware for your data and can help reduce power consumption needs.
  • IBM offers an integrated set of data management solutions that make it easy for analysts, architects, developers, and administrators to collaborate when working with data.
  • DB2 has industry-leading performance across multiple workloads. This may mean that you need less powerful servers to run your database, which can help you save on database software license, support, and maintenance costs.

Move to DB2 today and enjoy these benefits, together with DB2's strong tradition of reliability, resiliency, and availability.

“With IBM DB2 9.7 and the new IBM Optim Development Studio, we completed our data migration project in 80 percent less time than we originally estimated for the DB2 9.5 migration, saving about two and a half months.IBM’s Data Management solutions help us improve healthcare performance and the quality of care.”
-Gene Ostrovsky, VP Research and Development, ExactCost

"UCLA Medical Centre has been leveraging DB2 XML to keep more unstructured patient records online and provide more comprehensive health care. The hospital is experiencing the compression benefit reducing the amount of storage space for patient's medical records in XML by 50% today. In addition to the UCLA enterprise-wide medical record repository, there are three clinical applications currently under development and being re-architected to implement the DB2 9.7 scalable XML features at the core as a result of extensive collaboration with the IBM development team. The enhancements will allow ULCA to generate business intelligence using XML data to help meet patient care needs."
-Charles M. Wang, Ph.D., Director, Architecture, Application Development & Support, UCLA Health System - MCCS

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