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Accelerate insight. Improve resiliency. Maintain flexibility.

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Introducing The Future of Data Management
Simple to implement and manage, IBM DB2 helps you leverage analytics to enable better decision-making, improves performance, eases database administration, streamlines development, and lowers your data management costs.

Speed of thought analytics
Accelerate your reporting and analytical workload times to the speed of thought when you harness the power of DB2 with BLU Acceleration. Top performance and storage efficiency are yours – without database tuning, indexes or aggregates.

Always available transactions
Service continuity powered by DB2 high availability disaster recovery solutions and pureScale clustering technology keeps your organisation "always on". You get business resiliency, while reducing costs by efficiently using your system resources.

Dramatically reduce costs with in-memory speed and simplicity on existing infrastructure; SAP workload optimisation; and 98% Oracle® Database application compatibility.

Future-proof versatility
DB2 is ready whenever your business is ready. Versatile, flexible, and future-ready with optimised capabilities for OLTP and data warehousing – and application flexibility with business-grade NoSQL and mobile database.

IBM® DB2® for Linux, UNIX and Windows is the database of choice for robust, enterprise-wide solutions handling high-volume workloads. DB2 is optimised to deliver industry-leading performance while lowering costs.

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DB2 Database Management solution portfolio can help to improve the data availability, optimise performance, reduce operational costs and total cost of ownership.

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Speed, Access, Data Compression.
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Announcing DB2 with BLU Acceleration - Accelerate your analytical workload times to the speed of thought (US)

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