Performance Management

Became a performance manager. Integrated plans, reports and metrics for better business decisions. View the demo

Became a performance manager
Integrated plans, reports and metrics for better business decisions

Why performance management from IBM

Few areas are more important to business performance than your decision-making ability.

Performance managers use metrics, plans and reports to make better decisions about strategy, resources and tactics. You can become a performance manager in your department by asking three key questions:


Performance management benefits

Our innovative software, industry expertise and proven business practices have helped more than 23,000 organisations boost margins, eliminate inefficiencies and drive both top- and bottom-line growth.

Better decisions: Say goodbye to gut feel with relevant, timely and accurate information about your business performance. Integrate financial and operational data into a single source of trusted information for everyone, at every level of your organisation.

Greater agility: Break free of spreadsheets with dynamic, driver-based planning and scenario modeling. Set and re-set targets, plans and resource allocations quickly to seize new opportunities or respond to emerging threats.

Higher performance: Our proven Performance Management Framework lets you identify and optimise the sweet spots of information hidden deep within your corporate data and apply them to the decision areas that drive better results.

Performance management starting points

Many clients begin their deployments by solving acute performance pains, then branch out to connect additional users or departments for ongoing ROI. You can begin your journey in one of these three areas:

In a specific department: Discover the sweet spots of information to cut costs and increase efficiency in Sales, Marketing, HR and more.

With a business need: IBM Cognos Performance Blueprints (US) co-ordinate financial and operational planning and improve forecasting in diverse industries and essential functional process areas.

In the C-suite: Access thought leaders, proven practices and technology experts through the IBM Cognos Innovation Centre for Performance Management (US).

Performance management resources

IBM Cognos Performance Manager demo
See how plans, financial reports, and scorecards can help you manage performance across all data sources.
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The Performance Manager Book

Discover the proven strategies for turning information into real insight for performance management.

Performance Management Experience Workshops

Hands-on events for finance and IT professionals. Learn how integrated capabilities help you establish plans, weigh outcomes and understand the impact of business decisions.

IBM Cognos Innovation Centre for Performance Management

Connect with your peers and industry thought leaders to discover proven techniques, technologies and best practices. Membership is free for clients.

Business Intelligence Champions’ Kit

Resources to help you shape your strategy, build your business case and drive adoption. Learn how to develop a competency centre, bridge the IT-Business gap and show ROI.

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