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Smarter data turns insight into action. IBM Cognos 8 BI provides companies, departments, teams, and individuals the capabilities needed to access timely and relevant information so they can anticipate performance gaps, assess alternatives, and execute in closer alignment with strategic objectives.

How does IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence help the individuals within your organisation? Take a look.

Learn how IBM Cognos 8 BI can help your department

Sales (US)
Track, monitor, analyse and understand sales performance information.

Marketing (US)
Identify, measure, monitor, and analyse profit potential in market opportunities.

Finance (US)
Create and deliver timely and reliable management reports to finance and business users.

Human Resources (US)
Track, measure and monitor all cycles of the HR function, from recruitment to department, compensation to retention, with a cycle of continuous improvement.

Customer Service (US)
Provide a closed loop of information for Customer Service professionals to track, analyse and address immediate customer concerns intra-hourly or daily.

Senior IT (US)
Enable end users to get an integrated, consistent view of information across many sources, and provide the information in a useable format, with no need to burden IT.

Corporate Executives (US)
Gain at-a-glance access to key information about the business – with full confidence that the data is consistent whether it’s delivered in a report, dashboard or other capability throughout the enterprise.

IT Management and Staff (US)
Access consistent, trustworthy data from all existing IT assets, such as Relational Database, ERP and OLAP, to provide visibility across the business.

BI Professionals (US)
Deliver customised reports to senior management and key decision makers in the way they’re most comfortable, while keeping the workload manageable.

With IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence, your entire organisation is on the same page, with access to timely, relevant information that can be easily found, shared and acted upon when needed most.

Discover the strategic benefits of IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence, and its advanced enterprise reporting capabilities.

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