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Onboard partners faster, automate document exchange quicker
Orchestrate the flow of invoice data with both internal systems and external partners

Why IBM B2B Process Applications?

IBM Sterling B2B Process Applications are pre-defined, pre-packaged solutions that accelerate the implementation of B2B business processes with external partners to simplify IT complexity, increase competitive advantage, and reduce risk. This enables you to:

What We Offer

IBM® Sterling Data Synchronisation Manager communicates product data to retail customers via the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN). This enables you to meet data synchronisation mandates on time, manage changing standards and technology associated with GDSN and XML and reduce errors in promotions, orders, and invoices.

IBM® Sterling e-Invoicing helps you adapt to the complex, ever-changing business and technical regulations associated with international electronic invoicing.

Enhances your inbound supply and outbound order and shipment processes through complete end-to-end visibility across your global trading partner networks.

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