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SMC tracks and ships inventory swiftly, accurately and at low cost with a solution from IBM and Initechs

Published on 03 Jun 2009

"The remote testing of WAVE at the IBM Innovation Center in Kuala Lumpur from our Marietta headquarters proved that WAVE can be implemented successfully in any client application around the world." - Kallol Nandi, chief executive officer, Initechs


Wholesale Distribution & Services

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SMC, a leading pneumatics supplier, headquartered in Singapore, had outgrown its manual inventory control processes.

Business need:
SMC needed a system that could help track thousands of different types of valves, sensors, fittings and vacuums in real-time and handle millions of shipments.

SMC chose a solution from IBM and Initechs. The solution included WAVE from Initechs and IBM DB2, WebSphere Application Server Express and System i from IBM.

SMC increased its shipping capacity across Asia by 25 percent and reduced its expenses by 25 percent.

Case Study

IBM Business Partner Case Study

Industry: Wholesale

Initechs, LLC
Marietta, Georgia


Initechs, an IBM Business Partner, is dedicated to the automation of warehousing and transportation management. Its flagship offering, WAVE, is an easy-to-implement warehouse management and transportation solution that anticipates issues and executes strategies to help keep inventories and shipments flowing at high speed, low cost and near 100 percent accuracy.


SMC, which is headquartered in Singapore, is a leading pneumatics supplier. While having ample warehouse space, the company had outgrown manual inventory control processes. SMC needed a system that could help track thousands of different types of valves, sensors, fittings and vacuums in real-time, as well as handle millions of shipments.


SMC chose an IBM and Initechs solution. WAVE, from Initechs, is an end-to-end application that integrates receiving, stocking, replenishment, order fulfillment and shipping. It runs on an IBM System i model 515, with i5OS. SMC maintains its mission critical inventory of stock with WAVE and IBM DB2 Universal Database – giving management up-to-the-second visibility of its products. WAVE is integrated with the SMC enterprise resource planning system, allowing seamless downloading of customer orders and new parts without costly and error-prone re-keying of information. Collaboration among staff members at the warehouse can take place using IBM WebSphere Application Server Express. The solution assures that warehouse locations don’t drop below minimum stock levels.



IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

System i: i5 Server

DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Edition, WebSphere Application Server - Express

Operating system:

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