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Business analytics for hospitality, travel and transportation

Hospitality, travel and transportation organisations worldwide rely on IBM Business Analytics software to deliver smarter operations.

Business intelligence software lets you consolidate, track, analyse and report on relevant data. Financial performance and strategy management software provides planning, budgeting and consolidation for linking strategy to dynamic plans and targets.

Advanced analytics software gives you the insight to anticipate trends and predict future outcomes. And analytic applications give you a quick start with a particular issue or domain.

Learn more: Download the Travel & Transportation Customer Case Study (link resides outside of

Better customer experience

Smarter operations

Improved financial results

The fastest methods

Retail organisations have no time to waste in implementing software to achieve maximum value and ROI. IBM Cognos Performance Blueprints (US) are free quick-start solutions that address planning and performance management process areas that directly impact your organisation's ability to create business value.

Popular travel and transportation downloads

Supply Chain Performance Management
White Paper

Learn how IBM Cognos software is making the supply chain more efficient, intelligent and profitable.

Customer success in Travel & Transportation
Customer Case Study

Read how leading companies are using performance management to plan, understand and manage financial and operational performance.

7 S&OP Reports Every Manufacturing Executive Needs
White Paper

Top reports and dashboards from the IBM Cognos S&OP Performance Blueprint, which helps manufacturers drive their S&OP process, identify changes in customer demand and supply plans, and simulate the impact of demand, supply, and more.

Finance and Planning Make the Wheels Go Round
Analyst Report

Ventana Research tells how new tools help Movia, a Copenhagen, Denmark-based public transportation agency, handle complex budgeting and planning.

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