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Get the most from your Business Analytics software investment

Get the most from your Business Analytics software investment

The Business Analytics Support team partners with you to drive success with your Business Analytics solution. Whether you have simple or complex product solutions, we have the people and skills to help you maximise your software investment.

Subscription & Support Saves Time Dedicated, skilled technical support analysts and 24/7 online resources mean you minimise down time, maximise productivity and transfer knowledge to prevent problems and reduce reoccurrences.

Subscription & Support Saves Money Access to new releases and versions of your licenced BA software helps reduce your software acquisition expenses and enables your organisation to budget accordingly. Your ability to access the latest technology ensures that your IT environment is responsive, reliable and ready for growth and change.

Business Analytics Software Subscription & Support IBM Business Analytics software helps your organisation better understand, anticipate and shape business outcomes, through use of Cognos, SPSS, Clarity and OpenPages software solutions. Subscription & Support (S&S) ensures you benefit from the innovative new product releases that each year brings by enabling you to upgrade to the latest version of the products you’ve licenced. Combine that with expert assistance from Technical Support and 24 x 7 online resources and your organisation is on its way to maximising its investment in Business Analytics software.

Latest versions and releases of top-selling Business Analytics products

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Pattern V2.0 (US)

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Pattern V2.0 enables rapid deployment of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence environments in your private cloud. With IBM Cognos Business Intelligence licences and an IBM PureApplication™ System, you can quickly reduce your IT backlog and minimise the time and effort needed to build and deploy business intelligence projects.

IBM SPSS Data Collection V7.0 (US)

IBM SPSS Data Collection V7.0 helps deliver a more accurate view of people’s attitudes, preferences and opinions. It includes:

Cognos Business Intelligence v10.2 (US)

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence v10.2 enables business users to access and analyse the information they need to improve decision making, gain better insight and manage performance. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence v10.2 solutions include software for query, reporting, analysis and dashboards, as well as software to gather and organise information from multiple sources.

Cognos Insight v10.2 (US)

IBM Cognos Insight v10.2 is for line-of-business users – including business functional managers, financial analysts, business analysts, and operations analysts – who are dissatisfied with their ability to easily access business information. These users want to discover new insights without having to be spreadsheet programmers and to share this information with others easily and in a visually compelling way.

Cognos Express v10.1 (US)

Cognos Express v10.1 is ideal for mid-size businesses just getting started in business analytics. V10.1 includes IBM Cognos Mobile support for Apple iPad, a performance modeller for more powerful OLAP modelling, and support for Microsoft Office 2010. Other new features include IBM Cognos Business Insight and Business Insight Advanced, which improve support for unified workspaces and report creation.

Cognos TM1 v10.1 (US)

Cognos TM1 v10.1 provides a complete planning, budgeting, and forecasting environment that supports the full range of business requirements. It provides an on-demand approach to consolidating, viewing, and editing enormous volumes of multidimensional data. Using a patented, 64-bit, in-memory OLAP server, IBM Cognos TM1 V10.1 enables on-demand analytics for complex data or large data sets with real-time query and calculation performance enabling dynamic planning and forecasting - and re-forecasting.

Cognos Executive Viewer v10.1 (US)

Cognos Executive Viewer v10.1 delivers advanced analysis and reporting to business users through real-time, web-based access to information from online analytical processing data sources. IBM Cognos Executive Viewer 10.1 extends these rich capabilities by adding conformance with the latest online analytical processing (OLAP) releases, including IBM Cognos TM1® V10.1, Microsoft™ SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Server, and Oracle Essbase 11.

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