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IBM SPSS Modeler Features

Build predictive models efficiently, and then rapidly deploy them – without the need for programming!

Automated modeling

Perform a variety of modeling approaches in a single run and then compare the results of the different modeling methods. Select which models to use in deployment – without having to run them all individually and then compare performance. Choose from three automated modeling methods: Auto Classifier, Auto Numeric and Auto Cluster.

Text Analytics

Go beyond the analysis of structured numerical data and include information from unstructured text data such as web activity, blog content, customer feedback, emails and social media to capture key concepts, themes, sentiments and trends – ultimately improving the accuracy of your predictive models.

Entity Analytics

Identity resolution is vital in a number of fields, including customer relationship management, fraud detection, anti-money laundering and national security. Entity analytics improves the coherence and consistency of data by resolving like entities – even when the entities do not share any key values.

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