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IBM SPSS Modeler is a data mining workbench that helps you build predictive models quickly and intuitively, without programming. Choose from two editions: SPSS Modeler Professional and SPSS Modeler Premium. These versions are available in both desktop and server configurations. Learn more by downloading these data sheets:

Mysteries revealed with IBM SPSS Modeler demo
Mysteries revealed with IBM SPSS Modeler demo (link resides outside of ibm.com)

See how SPSS Modeler helps you dig deep into your data for insightful, profitable answers.

IBM SPSS Modeler Products

SPSS Modeler Professional
Discover hidden relationships in structured data stored in databases, mainframe data systems, flat files or within your Cognos® Business Intelligence environment – and predict the outcome of future events and interactions. Modeler’s easy-to-use graphical interface puts the power of data mining in the hands of business users to discover new insight and increase productivity – allowing the organisation to quickly realise a positive return on investment (ROI).

SPSS Modeler Premium
Get all of the data mining features included with SPSS Modeler Professional, and much more! Sophisticated text analytics enables you to unlock concepts trapped in unstructured data. Then combine the structured and unstructured data to improve model accuracy. Entity analytics allows you to combine diverse data sources and resolve like entities – even when the entities do not share any key values. Social network analysis helps you discover relationships among social entities and the implications of their behavior.

Integrate SPSS Modeler with other IBM SPSS products for more powerful solutions

IBM Prescriptive Analytics
Optimise and automate your high-volume decisions at the point of impact, for the best outcomes every time. Make the best business decisions quickly – based on solid data analysis – to get the “big picture” in real time!

SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services
Make collaboration easier between analytic developers and users. Automate and integrate ongoing analytical processes and deploy scores and models at the point of impact. Get better analytic efficiency, consistently see better results and ultimately increase your ROI.

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