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Predictive Analytics Resources

Download the presentation slides from The Predictive Analytics Agenda event.

Introduce yourself to the concept of Predictive Analytics, what it is, how it works, and what it can do for your organisation.

Predictive analytics helps your organisation predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can plan and carry out strategies that improve decision making. By applying predictive analytics solutions to all data within your organisation, including both structured and text data, you can uncover unexpected patterns and associations and develop models to guide front-line interactions. This can help you prevent high-value customers from leaving, sell additional services to current customers, develop successful new products, improve operational efficiency, or identify and minimise fraud and risk.

IBMGet to know the IBM SPSS Product Portfolio
A brief overview of the products and capabilities of the SPSS Statistics, Data Collection, Modelling and Deployment product families.
Download now (PDF, 724KB)

Seven Reasons You Need Predictive Analytics Today. IBM.Seven reasons you need predictive analytics today
This definitive white paper reveals seven strategic objectives that can be attained to their full potential only by employing predictive analytics, namely Compete, Grow, Enforce, Improve, Satisfy, Learn, and Act.
Download now (PDF, 725KB)

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Further reading

Hurwitz Report: IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics (PDF, 400KB)
Read this Hurwitz report for an assessment on IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics solutions including our vision, our strategy and our products.