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An IBM® SPSS® Event

The Predictive Analytics Agenda

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Welcome to the IBM SPSS Events Centre. Choose an event - live or online - to learn more about SPSS predictive analytics technologies.

Web: What’s new in Statistics 22?

For current users, view the latest features and functions of Statistics 22.

Very satisfied, Satisfied, Neither, Dissatisfied.

Web: Capture Feedback Effectively

Create great surveys quickly and easily with IBM SPSS Data Collection.

Web: The Power of Data Mining

Uncover hidden patterns in your data with IBM SPSS Modeler.

Web: Introducing IBM SPSS Statistics

Reveal insights that can solve your biggest business challenges.


Web: Text Analytics for Surveys

No more manual coding of open text responses. Watch now to see how.

÷, α, Σ

Web: IBM Social Media Analytics

Social media – a catalyst for rich customer insight.

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