Predictive Operational Analytics

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Operational analytics maximizes your productivity and profitability

At every stage of the operational processes that bring your product or service to market, there are opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs. However, achieving a high level of operational excellence can be an overwhelming challenge considering the broad scope of people, processes and assets within your organization.

IBM SPSS solutions for operational analytics can help maximize productivity and profitability across every organizational department. From manufacturing to product development, purchasing, human resources and more, our solutions enable businesses to make significant improvements in real time that help you to:

Read the white paper SPSS Decision Management
Learn how predictive analytics can optimize and automate your operational decision making.

Read the white paper Operational Excellence
Maximize the efficiency of your people, processes and assets with predictive analytics.

What We Offer

  • Inventory management (US)

    Inventory management solutions from IBM help you get the right inventory to the right locations at the right time.

  • Predictive maintenance (US)

    Predict equipment failure, avoid costly downtime and reduce maintenance costs with predictive maintenance solutions from IBM.

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IBM SPSS Solutions for Predictive Operational Analytics

Predictive Operational Analytics

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