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Analyse facts and decide with confidence

Using analysis to make decisions based on facts is a key factor in meeting your organisation’s goals for profitability, revenue and cost reduction. The decision-makers in your organisation need a wide variety of analysis capabilities so they can compile the facts and trends necessary for better and smarter decisions.

IBM Business Analytics software offers flexible solutions that are designed to provide a broad range of analysis capabilities, including:

  • Ventana Research: The broad spectrum of business analysis

    Ventana Research: The broad spectrum of business analysis
    Learn how today’s broad range of business analysis solutions can improve your decisions in this report.

  • IBM

    Make confident decisions
    Use a wide range of analysis capabilities to understand the facts affecting your business.

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  • Business analysis

    Business analysis (US)

    Access the facts you need to understand performance and get better results.

  • Data analysis

    Data analysis

    See data in new and compelling ways to solve challenges and seize opportunities.

  • Predictive analysis

    Predictive analysis (US)

    Understand your customers better to provide targeted products, services and more.

  • Claims analysis

    Claims analysis

    Control claims payouts, manage risk and provide a superior customer experience.

  • Analytical reports

    Analytical reports (US)

    Answer questions that simple reporting cannot answer with guided analysis from top to bottom.

  • Drill down

    Drill down (US)

    View the details in your figures and charts for more comprehensive analysis.

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