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IBM Business Analytics Software

Take the lead with business analytics.

IBM’s comprehensive, unified portfolio of business analytics software (Cognos, SPSS, OpenPages and Algorithmics) provides a host of capabilities that help your organisation achieve your objectives and exceed expectations. Based on open standards, IBM business analytics products can be used independently, in combination with each other, and as part of broader solutions to key business challenges.

Featured products

Business Analytics Software

  • IBM SPSS products

    IBM SPSS products

    With IBM SPSS predictive analytics software, you can use statistical analysis, data and text mining, predictive modeling and decision optimisation to anticipate change and take action to improve outcomes.

  • IBM Cognos products

    IBM Cognos products

    IBM Cognos business intelligence and performance management software, you have the integrated dashboards, scorecards, reporting, analysis, and planning and budgeting capabilities you need to gain and act on fact-based insights.

  • IBM OpenPages products (US)

    IBM OpenPages products (US)

    OpenPages GRC software allows your organisation to manage enterprise operational risk and compliance initiatives using a single, integrated solution.

  • IBM Algorithmics products (US)

    IBM Algorithmics products (US)

    Algorithmics software helps businesses like yours to gain transparency into financial risks in advance, providing information that is vital to your organisation.

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