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Business analytics for electronics

Business analytics for industrial. Gain visibility into revenue, supply chains, customers and overall profitability. View the demo.Many of the world’s top electronics organisations rely on IBM Business Analytics software to deliver smarter electronics.

Business intelligence software lets you consolidate, track, analyse and report on relevant data. Financial performance and strategy management software provides planning, budgeting and consolidation for linking strategy to dynamic plans and targets.

Advanced analytics software gives you the insight to anticipate trends and predict future outcomes. And analytic applications give you a quick start with a particular issue or domain.

Learn more: Download the Customer Success in Electronics white paper (link resides outside of

Sales and operations planning

Supply chain performance management

Predictive maintenance

Popular eletronics downloads

SCOR Performance Blueprint online demo
Blue Print - Online Demo

The SCOR Blueprint provides the scorecarding, dashboards, analytics and business intelligence for a complete picture of supply chain performance. See how it works in this demo.

Seven reports every electronics executive needs
White Paper

Learn how IBM Cognos software is driving new efficiencies, reduced costs and better decision-making in the electronics industry.

Customer success for the supply chain
Customer Case Study

Find out how leading organisations are saving time and money, while building a smarter supply chain with IBM Cognos software.

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