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Cognos 10

Enterprise-wide planning and budgeting

High-performance enterprise planning software for budgeting, forecasting and analysis

For the best business outcomes, your company needs to plan and forecast effectively. You must also get the right information to the right people in the form they need it—and be able to make changes quickly. For most companies, regardless of size or industry, the corporate budgeting, forecasting, and reporting process presents a formidable challenge. Finance professionals and line managers alike most often describe annual planning and budgeting as burdensome and time-consuming.

IBM Cognos enterprise planning and analytics solutions support a full range of business requirements: from high-performance, on-demand customer and profitability analysis and flexible modeling to enterprise contribution for a broad range of users—from manufacturing, sales and service to finance, human resources and marketing. You can rapidly create, compare and evaluate business scenarios, conditions, drivers, rates and assumptions so that you proceed from “what-is” to evaluate what-if scenarios critical to forecasting or re-forecasting future performance.

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