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IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1: Scorecarding. Visually measure and monitor performance. View the demo. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1: Scorecarding. Visually measure and monitor performance. View the demo.

IBM business intelligence software includes scorecard solutions that automate the strategy management process. You can monitor, measure and manage business metrics, comparing them with the strategic and operational objectives of your organization.

Scorecards from IBM business intelligence software help you:

IBM scorecards help you monitor and watch key performance indicators.IBM scorecards help you monitor and watch key performance indicators.

Align strategy with operations
With scorecards, you can track performance based on key performance indicators (KPIs) to link corporate strategy to operational tactics. Scorecards enable you to set quantifiable goals for any time period and monitor progress on specific projects and activities. You can create strategy maps, impact diagrams and other elements and maintain metrics in a centralized data store to ensure consistent definitions.

Communicate strategy and track your progress
Scorecards help you visually capture organizational strategy so departments and employees can set priorities. You can use status indicators and plan-versus-actual data to reveal progress. You can also access business intelligence reports and other content from the scorecard environment to see details and context. Scorecard impact diagrams instantly reveal important information and menus can be used to define threshold ranges, benchmarks, data source definitions, contact names and URLs.

Ensure accountability for performance
Accountability becomes clearer with scorecard solutions. You can assign a primary owner for every metric and organize and view scorecards by status to quickly identify problem areas and focus on high-priority objectives. To stay aware of a change in metrics status, you can set alerts and then assign corrective actions to poorly performing business areas.

Share with more user communities
Sharing and tracking metrics around the globe is easy with IBM business intelligence software. In the scorecards, you can populate metrics in any language, then display them in each user’s preferred language and monitor performance of business units, operating subsidiaries and geographic regions to quickly identify areas that need attention.

Enjoy simple deployment and administration
The scorecard capabilities that are part of IBM business intelligence solution are simple to deploy and manage. IT can create metrics, process diagrams and scorecards once and then share them with your entire organization. Intuitive wizards guide IT and other users through the design process and reduce the time spent in scorecard maintenance and updates.

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    See the new scorecarding capabilities of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1. View, assemble and monitor the key indicators needed to help drive better business results.


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