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Novice or Builder? Leader or Master?

AQ Maturity Model
Our AQ Maturity Model distills the lessons of 30 years and thousands of successful customer outcomes. Your unique experiences and journey will place you on a progress path through one of four stages:


Novice (US): You have spreadsheets, but don’t trust them. You’re more reactive than proactive. You’re disconnected and you want to do better.

Builder (US): You see current results and a little of what’s driving them. You’re sharing results with other teams in your department and you’re ready for more.

Leader (US): Your VP sets the strategy. Marketing and Sales share metrics and plans. You’re predicting the future as well as reviewing the past.

Master (US): Top-down goals meet bottom-up tactics. Insights flow freely across divisions and departments. You allocate resources, minimise risk and maximise outcomes with equal ease and speed.

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Dev Mookerjee

Senior Consultant - Business Analytics

Dev MookerjeeWith over a decade of experience in the area of Business Analytics, Dev Mookerjee is a Senior Business Intelligence (BI) Consultant with IBM team in Sydney. Dev has spent the majority of his career helping organisations across all the major industries use Business Analytics to convert organisational data into decision making intelligence to deliver tangible business benefits. Dev has an Masters in IT from University of Canberra and a MBA from Macquarie University.

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