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IBM Business Analytics Software

Faster, easier, smarter analytics

IBM's next-generation business analytic solutions help organisations of all sizes make sense of information in the context of their business. You can uncover insights more quickly and more easily from all types of data—even big data—and on multiple platforms and devices. And, with self-service and built-in expertise and intelligence, you have the freedom and confidence to make smarter decisions that better address your business imperatives. If cost and deployment are a concern, IBM offers software as a service options for business analytics.

Business Analytics Capabilities

  • Watson Analytics

    Watson Analytics (US)

    Find the drivers that matter most to your business, all from the cloud.

  • Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence

    Forward-looking business intelligence solutions deploy reports, dashboards and scorecard capabilities throughout the enterprise with past, present and predictive views.

  • Performance Management

    Performance management

    Solutions that span finance, sales and operations transform systems of engagement and infuse scenarios and predictive intelligence into financial performance initiatives.

  • Predictive analytics

    Predictive analytics

    Statistics, modeling and data collection solutions combine data to derive a full and more accurate picture of customers, operations, threats and fraud and more.

  • Analytical decision management

    Analytical decision management

    Scoring, automation and more transform data into action by operationalising analytics to drive decisions and not just reports.

  • Risk analytics

    Risk analytics

    Trusted, context-rich intelligence provides a connected view of risk to support business decisions that maximise value for the enterprise.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Regulatory compliance (US)

    Integrated solutions help you sustain profitability and improve decision making while keeping pace with increasing regulatory demands.

  • Cloud and software as a service

    Cloud and software as a service (US)

    Many of IBM’s popular business analytics applications are now available in cloud-based or software as a service (SaaS) editions.

What's new

  • Discover what's new in Business Analytics

    Discover what's new in Business Analytics (US)

    Need to master big data? The key is analytics. See how enhancements throughout the IBM business analytics portfolio can help you uncover and use predictive insights from big data in all your decision-making.

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