IBM PureSystems: Changing the Economics and Experience of ITIBM PureSystems: Changing the Economics and Experience of IT

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Scott Bain
Scott Bain is a Program Director in IBM's Competitive Project Office (CPO) and is a Subject Matter Expert in the areas of PureSystems, System X, Power, and WebSphere portfolio. He has a background in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering with the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Group, as well as in industrial administration.

Scott specialises in IBM PureFlex and PureApplication Systems, System X and Power hardware, as well as the WebSphere middleware portfolio. His team of over 30 Subject Matter Experts across these different disciplines, conducts hands-on research, making him uniquely qualified to present on these IBM solutions to audiences worldwide.

Prior to joining the CPO in 1997, Scott spent nine years working in IBM System X and Power technical sales focusing on R&D accounts in the tire industry. Scott has also published articles in various trade magazines.

Doug Tidwell
Doug Tidwell is a Senior Software Engineer in IBM's Competitive Projects Office. He was a speaker at the first XML conference in 1997, and he has been working with markup languages, Web services, SOA, and cloud computing for many years. His presentations have been featured at dozens of conferences, including a JavaOne presentation on cloud computing that earned him a Rock Star award in 2009. In his work for the CPO, he demonstrates the value of System x, WebSphere, Flex System, and Pure System products to customers and business partners around the world.

He is the author of many articles on IBM's developerWorks site (, and is the author of O'Reilly's book on XSLT (


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