Faster application deployment

Cloud application deployment normally requires scripting and configuring the tasks to deploy and manage an application, its environment and the underlying infrastructure. IBM® PureApplication® simplifies and automates this process for both on-premises and off-premises cloud options.

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Accelerate your application deployment through patterns

IBM PureApplication uses application patterns to complement the skills on your team. Patterns take human error out of the equation, allowing for replication of processes and policies flawlessly.

  • Patterns contain IBM services best practices deployment models aggregated over hundreds of deployments.
  • A pattern will execute a series of best practices and complex tasks, resulting in VM images for development, staging and production environments.
  • Most popular application patterns include: Operational Decision Manager (ODM), Business Process Manager (BPM), Integration Bus and MobileFirst Platform.

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Use patterns to build expertise into your applications and systems
How to Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Delivery with PureApplication

Reduce the complexity of application lifecycle management

The use of IBM PureApplication patterns gives you a predictable and repeatable way to avoid human error in application deployments.

  • Eliminates concerns about the topology required to run your application.
  • Allows you to define a set of policies that corresponds to the service level agreements (SLA) you wish to achieve.
  • Automatically monitors application workload demand, adjusts resource allocation and fine tunes prioritization to meet your defined policies.
  • Takes advantage of years of workload expertise and best practices in a repeatable, dependable and secure pattern.
  • Leverages or extends IBM patterns locally on your own system with a Virtual Pattern Kit (PureApplication Software for developers download).

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Deploy your application in a hybrid environment that spans both on and off-premises infrastructures

You can seamlessly, reliably and quickly deploy an application development, test, quality assurance and production environment across multiple premises.

  • Enable two or more different cloud infrastructures to remain distinct—but share technologies that enable porting of data and applications from one to the other.
  • Provide interoperability of workloads that can be managed across multiple cloud environments.
  • Include access to third-party resources and to a client partner network.
  • Support hybrid and multi-cloud implementations. For example:
    • Host normal workload in a private cloud, and use a public cloud to handle heavier traffic.
    • Use a public cloud to host an application, and place the underlying database in a more secure private cloud.
    • Use a private cloud to host some workload, and a public cloud for specific uses—backup and archiving.
    • Split the location of an application based on its lifecycle stage.

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IBM PureApplication on SoftLayer®

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Managed PureApplication System PureApplication Software PureApplication Service on SoftLayer
What is it?
  • Integrated system includes: hardware, software, hypervisors and network devices in a physical box managed through a unified console.
  • Supports x86 or POWER® based cores.
  • Software version of PureApplication deployment engine and management console.
  • Bring-your-own-hardware (BYOH). Install  on a virtual machine that runs on a VMware VSphere Hypervisor.
  • Uses SoftLayer worldwide data centers for off-premises option.
  • Based on x86 architecture and VMware virtualization technology.
Where is it? On-premises appliance Bring your own hardware Secure private cloud
Who sets it up? IBM You IBM
Who manages it? You You IBM
Time to value Fastest Fast Faster
Setup and management Simple Flexible Simple

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Insurer quickly creates an exceptional, web-ready customer experience using PureApplication.



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Forrester Research

Forrester Research:

The Total Economic Impact study shows how IBM PureApplication helps reduce IT administrative costs, improve IT provisioning and enhance business resiliency.



There is a simpler path to the hybrid cloud. With IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer, moving application workloads has never been easier.

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