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Office Family

Integrate and manage your office and line-of-business applications to create a single enterprise-wide information system. Provide basic office functions such as e-mail and calendar.


Application Support Facility
An office-integration solution that helps you create, manage, and optimize your business correspondence.
DisplayWrite/370 for MVS/CICS
A word processor that can significantly increase your productivity. It offers: A WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) view. It is designed to work as a standalone product or with IBM's OfficeVision/MVS (TM) and OfficeVision/VM (TM) products.
Provides office system applications for the z/OS (TM) environment. OfficeVision/MVS (TM) offers a wide range of office functions, such as handling documents, e-mail, calendars, files, address book, and distribution facilities.
Office Connect
Provides users with an easy, distributed and secure data visualization and reporting capability--using spreadsheet technology in client-server and Intranet/Internet environments.

BookManager Family of Products
Allows you to build your organization's documents into electronic books with IBM BookManager, and serve them to your readers through the web, or on a mainframe or workstation.
German workgroup ASF/IPDT
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