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Application Support Facility

   ASF V3 R2 Details


ASF integrates your applications and data into a single enterprise-wide information system. It helps you generate your business correspondence efficiently, consistently, and cost-effectively.

ASF/MVS Version 3 Release 2 (5655-002) runs in an OS/390 or z/OS environment. Support for the Document Composition feature of ASF V3R2 ends on October 5, 2004.

With ASF/MVS V3 R2 you can:

  • Integrate applications within and across MVS™ subsystems

  • Access existing applications running under MVS from applications based on programmable workstations

  • Control user dialogs

  • Share system functions, such as menu, display, and library maintenance functions

  • Automate document processing and business correspondence, using predefined text elements, structured documents, and combinations of various data sources

  • Generate menu structures to suit the individual needs of departments or department members

  • Create and maintain documents from Document Writing and standard paragraphs from Document Composition on a programmable workstation

  • Improve your system management, including shared resources and overall security control

  • Access OfficeVision/MVS™ to distribute and retrieve documents archived in DISOSS/370

  • Use real-time formatting and printing

  • Use DB2® to:
    • Handle complex and long-running queries efficiently, and produce the cross-reference lists that meet your individual needs
    • Support test and production systems
    • Format documents continuously
    • Run mass updates
    • Make use of improved access to libraries and simplified application programming
    • Specify which users and applications have access to which data by defining views.

ASF/MVS Version 3 Release 2 has significantly improved the Document Composition feature, the Document Writing feature, the administration tasks, and the link to OfficeVision/MVS over ASF/MVS V3 R1.