Graphical Data Display Manager (GDDM)


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GDDM Product Information - Current Release
Document title Book PDF Last update
GDDM General Information (SC33-0338-00) Read 714KB 10/2001
GDDM Base Application Programming Reference (SC33-0868-02) Read 4.43MB 09/2001
GDDM Interactive Map Definition V2R11 (SC33-0338-00) Read 73.79MB 09/2001
GDDM System Customization and Administration (SC33-0871-02) Read 2.57MB 09/2001
GDDM Base Application Programming Guide (SC33-0867-01) Read 3.71MB 07/1996
GDDM Diagnosis (SC33-0870-01) Read 1.42MB 07/1996
GDDM Using the Image Symbol Editor (SC33-0920-01) Read 813KB 06/1996
GDDM Messages (SC33-0869-01) Read 1.48MB 06/1996
GDDM User's Guide (SC33-0875-01) Read 620KB 06/1996
GDDM-GKS Programming Guide and Reference (SC33-0334-00) Read 2.04MB 06/1996
GDDM-PGF Application Programming Guide (SC33-0913-01) Read 1.49MB 10/1996
GDDM-PGF Interactive Chart Utility (SC33-0328-01) Read 4.08MB 10/1996
GDDM-PGF OPS User's Guide (SC33-1776-00) Read 2.37MB 07/1996
GDDM-PGF Programming Reference (SC33-0333-01) Read 1.91MB 10/1996
GDDM-PGF Vector Symbol Editor (SC33-0330-01) Read 1.07MB 10/1996
GDDM/MVS Program Directory (GC33-1801-01) Read 554KB 11/1997
GDDM/VM Program Directory (GC33-1802-01) Read
GDDM/VSE Program Directory (GC33-1803-01) Read
GDDM Product Bookshelves
Document title Bookshelf Bookshelf Last update
GDDM Bookshelf Read Search 11/2001

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