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New and enhanced capabilities

Cloud-based business analytics

  • IBM Concert on Cloud

    IBM Concert

    Cloud-deployable, web-based and mobile-ready, this revolutionary offering blends advanced metric reporting with social and collaboration features to support guided business processes.

Business analytics for big data

Business intelligence

  • IBM Cognos Enterprise

    IBM Cognos Enterprise

    IBM’s powerful BI solution provides you with what you need to take insight to action. And now, you can add visualizations to your reports that make it easier to spot trends in large amounts of data.

  • IBM Cognos Express

    IBM Cognos Express

    The BI solution built for midsize organizations now provides quick access to visualizations for reports—no building required—and broad mobile device support.

  • IBM Cognos Mobile

    IBM Cognos Mobile

    IBM’s mobile BI solution extends the capabilities of IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence to mobile devices. Now, you can enjoy uninterrupted interactive productivity on more tablets and smartphones.

Predictive analytics

  • Gold

    IBM SPSS Modeler Gold

    IBM’s comprehensive predictive analytics platform was designed to bring predictive intelligence to your decision-making. Now, enhancements provide greater model accuracy, broader analytics scope and a range of advanced algorithms and techniques.

  • IBM Social Media Analytics

    IBM Social Media Analytics

    IBM’s solution for assessing your social media landscape now provides an integrated query and model configuration. Additional languages enable extended sentiment analysis and improved affinity analytics offers more targeted actions.

Financial performance and risk management

  • IBM Algo Integrated Risk Reporting Platform

    IBM Algo Integrated Risk Reporting Platform

    A new common analytics platform provides bank executives with consistent insights into multiple risk areas. A centralized hub for risk results, Algo® Integrated Risk Reporting Platform delivers clear, concise risk-based contextualized reports.

  • OpenPages GRC Platform

    IBM OpenPages GRC Platform

    The metadata-driven, extensible IBM OpenPages® GRC platform draws on the power of Cognos solutions to provide embedded capabilities. Use the enhanced user experience to move beyond checkbox compliance and unlock the value of your information assets.

Capacity management analytics

  • IBM Capacity Management Analytics

    IBM Capacity Management Analytics

    IBM’s advanced analytics solution integrates Cognos Business Intelligence, SPSS® Modeler and interactive reports with Tivoli® Decision Support for z/OS to help you manage and predict your consumption of IBM z Enterprise® infrastructure resources.

  • z/OS

    IBM Capacity Management Analytics for z/OS

    This version of IBM Capacity Management Analytics is designed especially to help you understand and predict how IBM z/OS® capacity is being used.

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“IBM Cognos offers us a world of possibilities. Our current solution is both sustainable and scalable – and as we extend it, it will improve our business processes even further. We're absolutely confident we've made the right decision with Cognos.”

Iain Stockill, MIS Manager for Africa/Asia, SABMiller

“The business has certainly saved a lot of the time that we used to spend generating weekly and monthly reports. However there’s potential for even greater returns from being able to make changes to the business as the result of analysing the data.

Scott MacDonald, Chief Financial Officer, Easts Group

“As the reporting requirements have evolved, Cognos has helped us keep pace with the needs of the business – and we are confident that we will be able to extend the solution to meet future requirements too.”

William Etchell, Director of Finance, BPP

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“Having one platform …. is critical for speed of decision-making, This ensures confidence in information, and dramatically reduces the cost of ownership within IT.”

Imad Jawadi, Manager, Financial Systems, OMERS

“All our financial reporting and planning processes are handled by Cognos Business Intelligence and Cognos TM1, and we have also started using these tools to provide rapid insight into operational areas such as sales, pricing and inventory.”

Phyllis Tsu, CIO at Smith & Associates

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“IBM Cognos Insight provides much faster creation of dashboards for any executive to gain better insight into their organization. With its ‘remote use’ capability it provides enormous benefits to management on the move, providing collaboration and planning contribution capabilities all in one product.”

Adrian Webster, Director, Budgeting Solutions

“Cognos Insight moves the end-user self-service modeling – with TM1's control, efficiency, and modeling ease for the enterprise.”

Jack Purvis, Senior Manager, BI/PM, DIRECTV

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“The release of TM1 10.1 is a major step forward for IBM, bringing together a number of exciting new features that will both enhance the established, best-of-breed TM1 enterprise server and empower TM1 users in ways that previously weren’t possible. TM1 10.1 introduces Cognos Insight, which gives any level of TM1 user easy-to-use capabilities to bring together and explore large quantities of data from a variety of sources, create personal dashboards and visualize their findings in new and creative ways, and ultimately enables better and faster decisions.”

Mike Cowie, Director of Strategic Solutions, QueBIT Consulting

“IBM Cognos Performance Modeler will level set our development practices, allowing our less senior TM1 developers to ramp up quickly, and allow our senior TM1 developers to focus on the most complex developments.”

Jack Purvis, Senior Manager, BI/PM, DIRECTV

“TM1 now provides features such as its link functionality, consolidated element data entry, and better GUIs overall -- that make planning and planning design much more accessible to non-technical users. With this streamlining of modeling and the greater levels of user analysis and contribution via a distributed architecture, plans can be much aligned easier and faster.”

Adrian Webster, Director, Budgeting Solutions